I would like to start my blog by expressing my deepest gratitude and sending million thanks to the people who have changed my mode of thinking and set me developing both personally and professionally in a new fascinating direction. This direction has led me to a lot of wonderful discoveries and big achievements one of which is this blog.

First of all, I thank Anna Loseva, my MSU colleague, for unveiling the grand world of the Internet teaching community and introducing me to the prominent members of her PLN.

I thank Vladimira Chalyova  for inviting me to the Surpr@ise Day in Kosice, Slovakia, and giving me a golden opportunity to meet such outstanding people like Chuck Sandy, Luke Meddings, Marian Steiner, Barbara Bujtas and Lenka Kroupova, the people that have become an integral and irreplaceable part of my personal and professional network.

I thank Chuck Sandy for inspiring me and helping me to break out of my circle of failure by sending me powerful vibes of positive energy and by making me believe that I matter.

I thank Luke Meddings for waking me up and tearing me out of my day-to-day monotonous routine in work and life and reminding me of my long-forgotten love for painting and art.

I thank Marian Steiner for his friendly and kind support I feel I can always rely on.

I thank Barbara Bujtas for sharing her world views and reflections on life and inviting me to take part in joint projects.

I thank all my friends in my buddy group on Facebook for always being there and always being ready to help, support and inspire me.

I thank Romano Rodriguez for his loving and genuine support, understanding, patience and appreciation, for always being a helping hand and a strong shoulder to cry on, and for changing my life in a miraculous way.



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